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SUNDAY, JUNE 13, 2010


Archie & Friends #145 in July will parody MTV's Jersey Shore.

The publisher has provided The Continuum a question-and-answer with writer Dan Parent about the story.

Question: How are Archie and the gang comparable to the cast from Jersey Shore?

Parent: Both groups have similar characters, the Jersey Shore gang being a more extreme version.

Question: Is the content from Seaside Heights appropriate for Archie readers?

Parent: We've toned down the racier elements. But believe me, there are still plenty of ridiculous characters and outrageous situations.

Question: On Jersey Shore they think tanning is important; is that something that Archie and the gang endorse?

Parent: In this story they do. It's important to get that perfect "orangey tan" color down!

Question: There has been a lot of controversy over the term "Guido" and Jersey Shore's portrayal of Italian-Americans. How does Archie deal with that?

Parent: We don't use that word in the story. plus, it's a parody of the show. think about it as if Saturday Night Live was doing a sketch about Jersey Shore.

Question: Will Archie and his friends be portrayed as Italian?

Parent: We don't refer to any nationalities in the story, just big hair, tans, and obnoxious behavior!

Question: What about all the hot tub scenes from Jersey Shore?

Parent: There's a hot tub, but nothing racy happens, although Jughead does make a mess of it!

Question: What does the cast from Jersey Shore have in common with Archie & Friends?

Parent: They like to have fun, look good and party on the beach!

Question: After bridging the differences between the gang from Seaside Heights and the gang from Riverdale, what is the story about?

Parent: The story is about being a part of a reality show, and how it affects everybody. Mr. and Mrs. Lodge have a big part in the story, and they're pretty funny when you see how TV cameras affect them.

Question: What makes Archie so resilient that he and his friends can be put into so many different situations?

Parent: Their characteristics are very broad. it's the same thing that makes the gang relatable to so many people worldwide, sort of like the cast of a TV sitcom. They can be put in any situation.

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